teenage boys blurred faces talking to cop

by Robin Kemp

UPDATE: with CCPD officer body cam video, security footage, video of Chief Kevin Roberts talking with activists

The Clayton County Police Department has released 911 calls in which a store owner states a group of teenagers pulled a BB gun made to look like a regular semiautomatic pistol.

The incident sparked tension as bystanders implored a Clayton County Police officer not to point his service weapon at the kids. Since cellphone video of the officer stopping the teens went viral on social media, organizers have called for a protest at Clayton County headquarters on Wednesday.

The incident happened Monday, June 15 around 7:15 p.m. in the 500 block of Flint River Road.

CCPD released the incident report, photos of the realistic-looking BB gun, body camera video from the responding officer, and two 911 calls from a local store complaining that the teens allegedly had come into the store and waved “a gun,” then went outside and appeared to be “playing with a gun and fighting.”

Here are the 911 calls:

“Due to the allegation that the juveniles were in possession of a gun, the officer approached them with his duty weapon drawn and pointed at the juveniles,” CCPD stated in a press release. “The officer lowered the weapon once the juveniles complied with the officer’s verbal commands to stop and show their hands. The officer then begins a calm dialogue with the juveniles about why he was there and bystanders immediately begin yelling and agitating the situation. During this time, the officer is attempting to speak with the juveniles until a back-up officer could arrive to assist.”

A realistic BB gun that Clayton County Police say five juveniles had been playing with before a police stop Monday in Jonesboro.

CCPD added, “The juveniles were cooperative and remained with their hands visible as instructed by the officer. Upon arrival of backup officers, the juveniles were frisked for weapons, (with police) finding none on their body.”

After the teens had been stopped, CCPD said, “upon arrival back to the store and in a calm environment,” reviewed the store’s security footage and confirmed that at least three of the kids had been waving a gun around in the store. CCPD added that the juveniles admitted they’d tossed the BB gun, which “closely resembled a live semi-automatic pistol,” in the bushes.

“The officer explained to the juveniles the dangers associated with playing with a weapon, especially one that appears to be a real, live weapon,” the press release said. “The juveniles were encouraged to contact their parents, but were hesitant. The officers on scene gathered parent contact information and began calling parents to explain the situation. Officers were able to speak with parents on scene prior to releasing the juveniles from the scene. No charges were filed against the juveniles.”

Here is the bodycam video. CCPD blurred the juveniles’ faces and silenced their identifying information:

YouTube video

Here is security footage of the teens:


And here is video of Chief Kevin Roberts speaking with local activists who wanted to know why the officer pulled his gun:


CCPD added, “We want to remind our Clayton County citizens that we are committed to protecting and serving each and every one of our citizens through decades of established trust and effective communication. We will remain committed to being transparent and accountable to our community.”

Here is the incident report:

And here is the Additional Narrative Report: