by Robin Kemp

CORRECTION: The march starts at 2 pm. Please see the story “BLM changes 2pm Morrow march route to end at City Hall” pinned to the top of our homepage for updates. We apologize for failing to include the time on this story. –RK

Black Lives Matter will hold what it says will be a peaceful march from Southlake Mall Food Court parking lot to Tara Discount Mall tomorrow (Sunday, June 7).

Lanique Spriggs-Green, one of the march organizers, says the group has “spoken with and been cleared by the chief (of police, Kevin Roberts) of Clayton County, who will provide us with an escort.”

Spriggs-Green said the group chose Southlake Mall as “the designated gathering spot because of its massive parking lot, nothing more.”

She added that, like the March to the Polls in Jonesboro Friday, the group does not have a parade permit. “We did our research and permits are only required if the march blocks traffic or (requires) street closure. However, that is not the case.”

Under the First Amendment, people have the right to peaceably assemble and to march to ask the government for redress of grievances. Marchers can walk on the sidewalk without a permit.