Hannah Palmer, Finding the Flint

Hannah Palmer, author of Flight Path, urban planning consultant, and Finding the Flint evangelist, talks about the importance of the Flint River and how efforts to reclaim it could improve Clayton County’s health and economy.

Although Finding the Flint’s tours are on hiatus due to COVID-19, you can take a self-guided tour (at your own risk–please take a buddy, don’t trespass, and use common sense) with this Google map Hannah created.

See how Atlanta reclaimed South Fork Peachtree Creek. Check out the Flint Riverquarium in Albany. And if you think a nature trail can’t coexist with Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, check out Gravelly Point Park in Arlington, VA next to Ronald Reagan International Airport, one of several such parks that have reclaimed similar wild areas.

To learn more about how the airport has affected families and local history in Mountain View, Forest Park, and surrounding areas, check out Hannah’s book Flight Path and legacy blog Stumptown.

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