Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent

by Robin Kemp

Welcome to The Clayton Crescent’s new, improved website! We hope you find the layout engaging and easy to navigate. We will be adding back archived stories as time permits over the next week and tweaking some things (like the events calendar).

We ask your patience as we move towards the goal: to put Clayton-specific, #ClaytonCentric information at your fingertips.

We promise:

You will never have to sort through a firehose of national and international news to find out what’s happening where you live.

You will never have to answer a survey to read our news.

You will never be bombarded by clickbait.

The Clayton Crescent is in the process of becoming Clayton County’s first nonprofit news source. We’re not trying to be all things to all people, nor are we trying to be the AJC or the Clayton News. We are not a press release rewrite service or a Facebook satellite repository.

We’re a hyperlocal, multimedia website dedicated to serving the 300,000 or so residents of Clayton County, Georgia, with occasional forays into the rest of the Southern Crescent. Our mission is to serve the people of Clayton County by presenting news and information with local impact. We are not constrained by column inches nor by venture capital.

Because of this, we cannot exist without your support. As we gear up for the official launch, we are working on securing 501(c)(3) status and putting together our Board of Directors. In the meantime, please consider making a “pre-startup” donation to defray the out-of-pocket costs for things like the website itself, domain name registration, and required subscriptions to get the site started and to formalize the nonprofit entity.

We hope to raise enough funding to hire a few familiar names who know Clayton County and the Southside as full-time reporters. At present, no one here is drawing any salary. Obviously that can’t go on forever.

That’s why your support, both now and especially in the months to come, is vital to our mission. We want The Clayton Crescent to last long after we’re gone.

Stay safe and stay #ClaytonCentric #SouthsideStrong!